Pop Art´s circles

50´s saw bright light a new world. A world destroyed by the II World War and it was divided in two big poles, two ways to look life: USA vs. U.R.S.S. The Cold War started in a world which needed peace like never before. People hadn’t expectation in the future; they just wanted to erase atrocious moments that II World War did.

Young girl protests against Vietnam War.

Young girl protests against Vietnam War.

Lot of artistic movements appeared to show dehumanization of mankind. Art reflected a coldness and cruel humanity. This view was caused by the last years: Nazi´s abuses; catastrophic war and the misery of countries. Artists found express the crap of this world.

In USA young artists declared that Abstract expressionism, which had prevailed over art outlook, it had come so academic and it wasn’t emotionally honest.  At the same time, the spectators were sick of abstract. That was why Pop Art rose up independently in USA and UK.

Pop mind

 Quickly, the majority of young people fell of Pop Art.  In USA this movement came a regarding of new American culture: Purchase and capitalism devotion. Pop had own culture, mind and view of world.   Happiness was Pop Art´s motto. That was able to see in this lithographs, drawings and paintings. Obviously this movement was inspired by its reality; new purchases society. The Pop Art´s artists were advertising agent,  designers, cartoonist, etc. That means: they were people who kept on about daily contact with the new capitalistic ideology. They created works to people like them. Pop Art got to democratize art. Artist thought art was a kind of consumer good. Everybody had the right to have an art work.

In this era advertising started to an esthetic developing. It wasn’t so important “what it says” like “how it says”. People found in advertising other art expression.  So that´s difficult to know which was inspire first. Probably they were inspired by each other.

Discovering Lichtenstein´s world

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein

Pop Art showed goods and consumers. Lichtenstein´s works reproduced Medias and social speech. He drew American consumers doing daily actions, he knew catch young American attitude. We see girls talking by the phone, using goods or they bursting into tears.  Lichtenstein became a comic sign. Since 21st February 2013, until 27th May 2013, Tate Moderns of London compiles Lichtenstein´s works in an exhibition. Iria Candela, Tate Modern’s Lichtenstein exhibition curator, analyzes works of this Pop artist. She states that Lichtenstein was interested how Media’s images affected us perception of reality (El ‘pop art’ de Lichtenstein, en 125 obras”, El The Artist used to draw comic technique because he wanted to evaluate how influence esthetic on people mind.  We travel to Tate to look over Lichtenstein´s exhibition with Iria Candela.  

We can see clearly Lischtenstein´s feature in a DKNY´s advertising campaign in August 2009:  “DKNY Be Delicious Art Series”. It was a limited edition. DKNY chose Pop Art because it is energetic and youthful. The packaging and poster of this collection could save like art work.  Here we make aware Pop Art is a young movement because it can catch their spirit.

DKNY´s Packaging of Lichtenstein´s art

DKNY´s Packaging of Lichtenstein´s art


“DKNY Be Delicious Art Series” inspired by Lichtenstein

Pop Art´s look

Pop Art stood for fluorescents colors, fame, popular culture and hedonism. Pop claimed attention on concepts which had been ignoring before like: advertising, comic, hot dogs, consumer goods, etc. Pop Art had a lot of artist with a personal expression who they tried to get the beauty of this new superficial society. They used to escape of nature. Pop artists loved urban lights, crowd and big towns. But , sometimes, they saw these elements with an ironical view. Artists wanted to use esthetics in style to show pleasure of society.

One of advertising´s characteristics is to utilize varied techniques. It can be inspired by art, reality, philosophy… everything which is around advertising affects it. Advertising uses the best means for communicate a message. Depend on public it needs one way or another.

Surely Pop Art will go on inspiring advertising because it´s a fun esthetic way to face life. It´s something that work. Everybody must be looking the world with Pop Art´s filter, at least once.

Warhol´s look : Pop Art´s look

Warhol´s look : Pop Art´s look

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Celia Fumanal