Mondrian’s Simple Lines

If you remember, we have seen different examples of artists who have influenced advertising. Mondrian is another example of this.

Mondrian (1872-1944) was a teacher ad a school but he also found time to paint landscapes and images of the Netherlands that belonged to his Impressionist or Naturalist period. After participating in different movements, Mondrian decided to found the Neoplasticism. This movement, also known as De Stijl, aimed for the restoration of art and wanted to give it new arguments that were universal and pure.  Around 1925 Mondrian decided to leave the group because he was looking for some universal artistic language and he wanted to strip the fleeting quality off the reality. This led him to reduce things to vertical and horizontal lines and the three primary colours together with black, grey and white. This thinking was influenced by the work of the Dutch mathematician M.H.J. Schoenmaekers. Mondrian’s best-known painting is Composition with large red plane, yellow, black, grey and blue.


If we pay attention, we discover that these works have greatly influenced commercial art and advertising. Some examples can be the packagings in L’Oreal Studio, where the use of lines and colours is very close to Mondrian’s paintings.


The French bicycle manufacturer LOOK is a fantastic example of Mondrian’s influence. Just take a look at the logo.


Continuing with the cycling industry, the cycling team la Vie Claire had its corporative colours added to the maillots following Mondrian’s style. This maillot, designed by Benetton, is a clear and colourful example of the fusion between art and sport.


Oreca racing team presented this car to the Le Mans 24 hour race in 2008, again a great example of Mondrian’s influence. The car was so popular that it even appeared in a McDonald’s spot.

Even if Mondrian has not directly influenced advertising as such, it surely has helped brands and their marketing departments create products and logos inspired by Mondrian. Products that will undoubtedly be remembered forever, such as Yves Saint-Laurent’s dress.


Natalia Barcelona


(2010). Available on 28.04.2013

(2010). Available on 28.04.2013

Available on 28.04.2013

Available on 28.04.2013

(2008). Available on 28.04.2013


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